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Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

Despite it being hotter than blazes, we had an amazing night. We had a bit of a slow start with the camera system, but once we got passed that, we was completely in our element.

We split off into teams to cover the 3 floors better, as well as had a team at base to watch the monitors, and from the sounds of it, there was constant activity on the cameras.

We have learned from investigating the hospital in the past, activity can explode at any time, pulling us into different directions, chasing everything going on around us.

We always have personal experiences at OSPH, but when we are fortunate enough to catch activity on the cameras, that’s amazing!

This hospital has so much history and the new owners have done an amazing job to unearth the truth of rumors as well as providing all who come to visit and investigate, a more factual layout of how the hospital operated when it was open.

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